Bible Study April 17, 2019

LESSON TWELVE: "Justice Will Prevail ".

Wednesday April 17, 2019

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                 John receives a vision of a new heaven and earth  

                  (REVELATION 22:1-5)

                    GOD’S PROMISE:

                  For (God) has set a day when he will judge the world.

                       (ACTS 17:31)

                        MY PROMISE:

I will respect God’s justice and delight in God’s grace.


This week, you and your group will be studying God’s promise in his Word that evil will not have the final say, for God’s justice will ultimately and eternally prevail. Before your group meeting, read chapters 13 and 14 in Unshakable Hope: “Justice Will Prevail” and “Unbreakable Promises, Unshakable Hope.” Spend some time using the following personal study to reflect on what you’ve read.

  1. Does the idea of judgement bring you peace or concern? Why?
  2. Why do you think the Lord wants to have a public pardon of our sins?
  3. How can having a right view of God’s justice affect the way you approach today?
  4. How has this study helped you to anchor your life to the promises of God?


Now take some time to allow this promise from God to take root in your heart by reflecting on the following passages of Scripture. Begin by preparing your heart in prayer. Ask God to give you a glimpse of the hope of heaven to come and fill you with more of an eternal perspective.

  1. Read Romans 1:18-25. How does this passage apply to our society today? How does it align with our culture’s view of God, religion, and eternity?
  2. Read Revelation 7:13-17. How does this glimpse of heaven encourage you? How does it build your unshakable hope?
  3. Read Revelation 21:1-7. What does it mean that God is making all things “new” How might this change your view of your current trials and struggles?
  4. Read Revelation 21:9-27. Is the coming promise of heaven truly compelling to you? (Really reflect on this to give your honest answer.) Why or why not?


  1. What is the most difficult thing in your life for you to shift your gaze from a present perspective to a heavenly one? Be honest. Why do you think this so difficult?
  2. Consider what fresh discoveries surfaced from this session’s reading and personal study. Write anything that you would like to share with the group in the space below.
  3. Close by thinking about an action step you could take to increase your awareness of this promise from God or share it with another person. Write this action below.

            VIDEO TEACHING

As you watch the video for session twelve, use the following outline to record any additional takeaways from the teaching.

The Bible reveals that God has set a time when he will judge all evil.

Jesus is the one who will judge both unbelievers and believers.

Jesus will not only publicly pardon his people but also reward his servants.

God will remove the curse at this time and make all things new.

We must anchor our lives to the unshakable hope that God promises in his Word.


Take a few minutes with your group members to discuss what you just watched and explore these concepts in Scripture.

  1. What statement in the video teaching affected you the most? Why?
  2. How will your knowledge of God’s future justice affect the way you approach your personal challenges this week?
  3. How will your understanding of God’s justice affect the challenges you have with people both inside and outside the church this week?
  4.  What will you commit to as plan of action to consistently shift your gaze to things above?
  5. What is your specific action step to live this promise this week?